Craft Luminaries

In addition to sponsoring the Smithsonian Craft Show and a sister show in the fall, the SWC provides annual awards to showcase hand-crafted works of the highest quality and put a spotlight on artists who are at the pinnacle of their art form. Of special note are the

Smithsonian Visionary Awards and Smithsonian Women’s Committee Delphi Awards presented every year to American artists who have demonstrated distinction, creativity, artistry, and vision.

Awards are also given to artists participating in the Smithsonian Craft Show.  In addition to Best in Show and the Susie Gray Gold Award, given in honor of the first Craft Show chair, there are awards in special categories.  This includes the “Honoring the Future Sustainability Award,” which recognizes pioneering craft artists whose work educates the public about climate change or offers innovative solutions through the choice of raw materials, production processes and artistic themes.

Learn more about our craft shows and visionary awards.