Dedicated to advancing the Smithsonian's mission to increase and diffuse knowledge. Founded in 1966.       

            The Smithsonian Women’s Committee celebrates fine American crafts through two signature events: the Smithsonian Craft Show and Craft2Wear. From the funds raised at these shows the Committee awards grants and endowments throughout the Smithsonian.



    Smithsonian Craft Show
    April 26-30, 2017

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  • Smithsonian Women’s Committee
    Announces 2016 Grants

    The Smithsonian Women’s Committee (SWC) has awarded 18 grants totaling more than $408,280 for 2016. These grants will benefit education, research, conservation, exhibitions, equipment and capital projects in 14 Smithsonian museum, research centers and offices. Funding is highly competitive and awarded after thorough research by members of the SWC and a vote by the full membership.

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The Smithsonian Craft Show and the Craft2Wear show are produced by the Smithsonian Women's Committee to support education, research, conservation, acquisition and exhibitions at the Smithsonian.

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